Saturday, December 21, 2013

Color Reference~~Red

These are some examples, in my opinion, that are the reds that show somewhat subdued tones. I, personally, would wear any of the reds on this post or any of the colors listed:
 Parade Red, Claret, Flame, Flag, Berry Cobbler, Crimson, Cabin Red, Cranberry, Garnet, Pantone Raspberry Wine, Tomato, Lipstick Jungle, Cherry Pickin, Pantone Formula One, Grandma's cherry pie, Classic Red, Art District, Pedicure at Lunch, VIP, Pantone Picante, Pantone Sangria, Pantone Rhumba Red, Cocktail Dress, Radiant Red, Cut Ruby, Quite Red, Pantone Haute Red, Heirloom Red, Fabulous Red, Pantone Bossa Nova

These are as bright as I would wear.    Still has a slight greying. Similar colors are  CLASSIC RED, PANTONE FORMULA ONE, QUITE RED, PANTONE HAUTE RED

More of a raspberry color, Similar colors: PANTONE RHUMBA RED, PANTONE SANGRIA

To me, this is an almost perfect Type 2 Red.  Similar colors: CUT RUBY, RADIANT RED, COCKTAIL DRESS

This one's brighter, almost pink, but still slightly greyed. Similar colors: VERY BERRY, PANTONE HONEYSUCKLE

A slightly brighter red, but still greyed. I really like this color. Similar colors: ART DISTRICT, CLASSIC RED

More towards the rust color, but still a soft tone. Similar colors: TOMATO, LIPSTICK JUNGLE, CHERRY PICKIN, VIP

Nice burgundy. Similar colors: PANTONE RHUMBA RED, HEIRLOOM RED


Nice Wine or Burgundy Maroon--Similar colors: CUT RUBY, PANTONE RHUMBA RED

 Similar color: PANTONE SANGRIA


Great example of a grayish red. Similar colors: SIENNA DUST, BERRY BLUSH

Slightly richer burgundy, but still somewhat greyed. Similar colors:PANTONE RHUMBA RED, HEIRLOOM RED

Burgundy (from DYT store)

A little more raspberry, but still greyed. Similar colors:VERY BERRY, PANTONE RASPBERRY WINE
Raspberry Iced Tea

Some other options are at:
Frosted Pomegranate, Timeless Ruby, Classic Cherry, Cherry Cobbler, Spiced Wine, Awning Red, Fire Cracker, Mineral Red, Morocco Red, Antique Red, Briquette, Licorice Stick, Red Tomato, Farmhouse Red, Red Brick, Persimmon Red, California Poppy, Allure, Cranberry Whip, Powder Room, Ruby Ring, Crantini, Rose Marquee, Regal Red, French Rose, Cranapple, Rhubarb, Sweet Spiceberry, Luscious, Red, Red Wine, Strawberry Daiquiri, Forbidden Red, Antique Ruby, Cranberry Splash, Ruby Red, Mission Wildflower, Haitian Flower, Raspberry Pudding, Orchid Rose, Haunting Melody, Wine Tasting, Majestic Orchid, Exotic Flowers, Bolero

There are, of course, many options that go the purple and pink, but I have tried to just stay to the more classic red tones.

(A few more examples)

Well Traveled from the DYT store

DYT Season's Greetings

DYT Warm Breeze

DYT Woven Wine