Monday, December 16, 2013

Color Reference~~Blue

Easily scroll through the photos by clicking on one of opens a convenient way to do it without having to actually scroll down the entire post. The photos are courtesy of from the public shopping page.

Dream blue

Dusty Gray Blue


Blue Gray Blush

Blue Heaven Medium Teal

Blue Surf

Blush Blue
Butterfly Blue


Blue Moon

Blue skies

Midnight Mystery


Sweet Light Blue

Winter Storm

Brilliant Navy

Damask Navy

Soft Denim Blue

Dusty Blue Light Teal


Dark Navy

Ocean Dream (Light Teal)


Shimmering Dark Blue

Sweet Escape (Medium Aqua)

Soft Teal
Dark Navy Two

Whisper Blue
Tapestry Teal
Viola Blue

Pursuede Blue

Turquoise Two

Change of Heart

Sky Blue

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