Sunday, March 2, 2014

Color Reference~~Turquoise and Teal

Easily scroll through the photos by clicking on one of opens a convenient way to do it without having to actually scroll down the entire post. The first group of photos are courtesy of from the public shopping page.  

Maxi Teal

 Scoop Medium Bright Teal

Dusty Blue Light Teal

Ocean Dream (Light Teal)

Sweet Escape (Medium Aqua)

Soft Teal

Tapestry Teal

Pursuede Blue

Turquoise Two
DYT Aqua Doily

DYT Down Town Teal

DYT Easy Elegance

DYT Pewter Scrunch

DYT Short Long Turquoise

DYT Tender Teal

DYT Waverly 

The following photos are my own personal idea of Teals and Turquoises that have varying degrees of brightness, but still have that slight "greying".


  1. I love a lot of the top ones.

  2. I started Dressing Your Truth a year ago. Just found your photos. Wish I'd found this sooner! What a great collection!! I'm T2, and loving these.